YMCA of Kingston & Ulster County, NY

The YMCA of Kingston and Ulster County, NY

Location & Directions

507 Broadway
Kingston NY 12401
(845) 338-3810

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We Are Open:

Facility Hours:

Monday – Friday         5:00am – 9:00pm

Saturday                       7:00am – 4:00pm

Sunday                          9:00am – 3:00pm

Membership Office Hours:

Monday – Thursday     9:00am – 5:00pm

Friday                             9:00am – 3:00pm

Holiday Hours:

IF holiday falls on a Sunday we open at 9am

New Years Day               5:00am – Noon
Good Friday                    5:00am – Noon
Easter Sunday                Closed
4th of July                       5:00am – Noon
Memorial Day                 5:00am – Noon
Labor Day                       5:00am – Noon
Thanksgiving                  5:00am – Noon       

Christmas Eve                Normal – Noon
Christmas                       Closed
New Years Eve              Normal – Noon

Normal Start – depends on the day of
the week that the holiday falls on



Swim Lessons

Make a Splash!

Gain Confidence

Develop a Life Skill.

Register today for Year Round Swim Lessons!


or stop by our membership office to register

Swim Policy

Placement in youth swim classes are based on your child’s current swimming ability. At the start of each session, our instructors will evaluate your child’s skills to ensure that they match the skills required for each level. Based on that evaluation, we may work with you to move your child to a more appropriate class. Swim report cards will be given out at the end of each session. Contact aquatics with any questions or concerns @ 338-3810 ext. 114 or email nscott@ymcaulster.org

 Parent / Child Programs

 Parent/Infant Swim

Ages 6-24 months with parent

This is a parent and child swimming enrichment program. Through songs and nursery rhymes children are encouraged to be comfortable in the pool and begin learning swimming strokes.

Early registration fee- Members: $52.00 Non-Member: $94.00

Regular registration fee- Members: $62.00 Non-Member: $104.00

Parent/Child Swim

Ages 2-4 years with parent

Parents accompany their children in the water. Children continue to learn skills with parents and prepare to move on to independent lessons. This class is designed for the older toddler, or a child who is hesitant to enter the water.

Early registration fee- Members: $52.00 Non-Member: $94.00

Regular registration fee- Members: $62.00 Non-Member: $104.00

Preschool Programs

Ages 3-5 years

This program will focus primarily on swimming skills and safety. Preschoolers will concentrate on being comfortable in the water and improving their swimming abilities. They will learn and refine their strokes and develop personal safety skills. There are two levels, Preschool I Beginner and Preschool II Advanced.

Early registration fee- Members: $52.00 Non-Member: $94.00

Regular registration fee- Members: $62.00 Non-Member: $104.00

Preschool I

Preschool I is a beginner level that uses 2-4 bubbles. No swim evaluation is required. The participant has little to no experience in an aquatics environment and might be fearful and/or anxious. The participant cannot put face in the water or paddle, lie on back, or jump in without assistance.

Preschool II

Preschool II is and intermediate level uses only 1 bubble. A swim evaluation is required. The participant must be able to jump in without assistance, paddle on front and back the width of the pool. Participant exhibit a rudimentary crawl (big arms) with basic rhythmic breathing and can demonstrate and elementary back-stroke (“ Chicken-airplane-soldier”).participant has an understanding of a flutter kick and can bob 15 times.

Youth Swim Lessons

Ages 6-12 years

This is a progressive skill-building program where children work on further refining their swimming skills and knowledge of pool safety.

Early registration fee- Members: $52.00 Non-Member: $94.00

Regular registration fee- Members: $62.00 Non-Member: $104.00

Level I

Level I is a beginner level that uses 2-4 bubbles.  A swim evaluation is not required.  The goal of Level I is to learn basic personal water safety information skills, to help participants feel comfortable in the water and to enjoy the water safely.  Participants have very little or no swim background, they focus on elementary aquatics skills, develop positive attitudes, good swimming habits, and safe practices in and around the water including safely entering/exiting the water, blowing bubbles, bobbing, opening eyes underwater to retrieve submerged objects, front and back gliding, alternating arm and leg action, combined stroke movement, and treading water.  Most skills are performed with support.

Level II

Level II is a beginner-intermediate level that uses 1-3 bubbles. A swim evaluation is required. The goal of Level II is to help swimmers who have achieved comfort in the water gain familiarity with fundamental skills and achieve success without support. Level II focuses on teaching swimmers to float and glide on their front and back, develop simultaneous and alternating arm and leg actions, and lay a foundation for future strokes, all without support from the swim instructor.

Level III

Level III participant begins working on front crawl, sidestroke, backstroke, and rhythmic breathing.

Level IV

Level IV continues development of front & back crawl, and breaststroke. Participants start to learn butterfly stroke and begin increasing endurance, & water safety.

Advance/ Level V/ Stroke & Endurance

Your child will continue refining all five main strokes, including inverted breaststroke and elementary backstroke. This class focuses on improving efficiency and endurance. In addition, stroke work will include individual medley, front and back flip turns, and streamlining.

***If there is a day in which you want to enroll in a class and cannot sign up for any other day, please go on a waiting list. If there is enough interest we will happily open up a new time slot for that day.***

Specialized Swim Lessons

Special Needs – Class is available based on enrollment. Please inquire at nscott@ymcaulster.org for details.

Adult Swim Lessons

for beginner teens & adults/also experienced adults

You will learn basic swimming skills such as the crawl stroke, breathing techniques, and floating to serve as a foundation for further swim development.
Intermediate/Advanced – Adults with base swimming skills will work on advancing their swim abilities, while increasing swimming endurance.

Early registration fee- Members: $52.00 Non-Member: $94.00

Regular registration fee- Members: $62.00 Non-Member: $104.00

Private Swim Lessons Inquiry

This is for the individual who needs or would like one on one attention. Instructors will assist you with a range of needs from fear of water to advanced swim techniques. Semi-private or Private packages to choose from. Lessons are scheduled at your convenience and according to pool & instructor availability. Exclusive to members only.

Semi-private 2:1 or 3:1 ratio for 30 minutes: $30.00 per lesson

5-pack of Private lessons  for $120

Private lesson 1:1 ratio for 30 minutes: $40.00

5-pack of Private lessons for $160

Private swim lessons Flyer and request form

Please fill out application (PDF) top right and send to nscott@ymcaulster.org